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    Avastin.net is an international resource for healthcare professionals and patients outside of the USA. To assist us in providing you with the most relevant information, please select your country from the drop-down menu. If your country of residence is not available, please speak to your physician for more information on Avastin.

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    Welcome to AVASTIN for Healthcare professionals.

    AVASTIN country websites: Avastin in your country: if you are a healthcare professional from one of the countries listed, click on your country link to be redirect to an AVASTIN website based on local label.

    AVASTIN international website:  This website is intended for healthcare professionals outside the U.S. The information on this website is not country specific and may contain information that is outside the approved indication in the country where you are located.

    Note: The information on this website is based on the European Summary of Product Characteristics (EU SmPC). Please refer to your local Prescribing Information for full details.

    Click here to view MoA and PI information based on the EU SmPC

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